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I had issues with Brooklyn Heights. Sims would get trapped in weird places. Just a heads up.

Oh, thanks for the tip. I hate when worlds have funky routing issues.

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there was the new world that gadriel made (devils port) tho you do need to be updated to install it :) xx

I was thinking about that…I think I may just give it a go.

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St. Claire? (it’s kinda huge tho, lol) Brookyln Heights (not too big, has some empty buildings so can add what you want and has a little suburb area)

I love St. Claire but yeah, huge. I will check out Brooklyn Heights though!

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Urban Worlds?

Does anyone know of any good urban worlds that aren’t too huge and don’t need a ton of work? I love the NYC world but it’s just SO HUGE. I liked Eastport but it was basically incomplete and I am a lousy world filler.

I’d like something reminiscent of NYC but on a much smaller scale.

Any guidance would be met with love and cuddles and the discounted jelly beans I will buy tomorrow, the day after Easter. 

Never say I don’t care.

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Yes, I am the laziest person to ever walk on two feet, but I am answering the five facts for my favorite sims requests that everyone sent to me. 

Brendan Donnelly

  1. Has always loved animals and could never imagine spending his life doing anything but working for them in some capacity.
  2. He has three cats: Delilah, Josie, and Ted. He also has a female pit bull named Maisie, who was rescued from a dog fighting ring in Queens. She was just a puppy at the time.
  3. Although a lot of people associate Ireland with rural, Brendan has always lived in urban areas-Galway City, London,Dublin, and now Brooklyn.
  4. Is not terribly interested in sports, although he has to work out regularly now because his job involves a lot of physical work. It bores him, but it’s a necessary evil.
  5. Has spent most of his life in the company of women, and even now tends towards female friends. Evan Hawthorne is probably the first close male friend he’s had.

Alannah Drake

  1. Is a pediatric nurse and loves it, although it can sometimes wear on her emotionally. She still considers it worth it.
  2. Can switch from maternal caretaker to brazen temptress with the right words from either Daz or Vas.
  3. Also, she loves that part of herself.
  4. Was insecure about her body when she was pregnant with Finn, but the guys still found her as gorgeous as ever.
  5. Was in a fairly serious car accident in high school, where she broke her nose and arm. She still has a small bump on her nose as a reminder, and is also somewhat skittish about driving.

Some outtakes:

Another Jillian classic. She was on the way to go play computer games; I have no clue why she’s cringing in terror.

The reason why Remy looks so irritated? Because Nathaniel asked him how his day was going.


Stop pouting, Tallan.

Tallan: But Rose is trying to take my plate!

Because it’s empty, and Rose is trying to be a good house guest and keep things clean, unlike the rest of you marauders.


My Tumblr Crushes:ifoncebymindthentwicebyheart
people I stalked….

It’s true. She was just peeking in my window.


My Tumblr Crushes:
  1. ifoncebymindthentwicebyheart
  2. simsaywhat
  3. nernershuman
  4. lilinabe
  5. the77sim3
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  7. ninjapanda113
  8. marsiming
  9. gdsims

people I stalked….

It’s true. She was just peeking in my window.

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I’ve known people like Tobias. 

And our parting images for tonight…

Brendan decides Rose might be onto something…

Brendan: It’s so…tranquil!

Speaking of Rose…dangerous curves ahead!

Rose: *giggling* Oh, YOU!

And Finally, Lucrezia took my advice and got her flirt on.  Clue’s suntan is killing me.

Finally, Kyla and Lucrezia.

Kyla, don’t be braggy. Can’t you see Lucrezia is upset?

Lucrezia, just because you didn’t win the date doesn’t mean all is lost. Just turn up the flirt at the house, ‘k?

Lucrezia: *sniffling* Okay…

Aw, now you’re making me sad. Buck up, little camper.

So the three winners of private dates with Clue are: Rose, Amelia, and Kyla!

Jillian and Amelia were next.

She started with momentum, but sadly, Jillian’s fear of heights was her undoing.

Amelia looks like she’s doing some kind of weird pirouette at the top of the rock wall.


Noooo! I actually picked a challenge I didn’t think he’d do all that well on, considering he’s not athletically inclined! 


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Anonymous asked: post/83055051388/then-jerod-and-tallan-note-that-they-both-look which exspansion do you have the arrows?

It’s from the Store, right here.

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Rose and Ariel were up first. 

Rose won, and Ariel is being a good sport and cheering for her.

Ariel: Are you nuts? I’m cheering because I didn’t crack my skull!

The ladies were up next.

Pippa: Okay, we asked you to change into athletic wear because this challenge will be just that! There are two rock walls. Since there are six of you, you will race in teams of two. The three winners from each pair will get a private date with Clue!

Jillian: Uh, I’m not so good with heights…

 I’ll give you a tip-don’t look down.

I mostly posted this because I love her expression.